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Smoothwall exists to keep children safe and thriving in their digital lives.
We do this by supporting and empowering them, and those who care for them – at school, at home and everywhere in between.
Our digital security and well-being solutions are the most comprehensive in the world.
One in three schools in the UK rely on Smoothwall every day.

Smoothwall develops web content filters and firewalls and other support systems primarily for school environments. Smoothwall delivers the Web you want!

Smoothwall has been on the Swedish market since the beginning of the 2000s
This means that the web filter is properly adapted for the Swedish market.

Smoothwall also has the option of blocking various searches on e.g. nitrous oxide, which you may have problems with today. The choice is yours!

Smoothwall Cloud Filter is the web filter that sits directly in the client without compromising functionality. You are up and running in no time.

Smoothwall Safeguarding, which is part of our web filters, enables schools to act quickly if, for example, notices that a student is searching for drugs (eg cannabis) or self-injurious behavior on the Internet.
Try searching for e.g. “buy drugs online” and you will notice that there are many pages in Swedish that sell from Sweden and the drugs were often sent in envelopes with a stamp.

Safeguarding provides an immediate alarm if you access a page such as contains drugs, even searches such as “How to commit suicide” cause an alarm to go off immediately via e-mail and/or SMS, this alarm can also go to e.g. the school nurse, etc.

Smoothwall Classwize – Classroom Manager
Give your teachers full control over what your students do on their computers during class time.
The teacher can also send out a link to a web page for students to take a closer look at. This means that all students quickly get to the right page, no problems with spelling etc.
The teacher can also “lock” the students to view domains/URLs or e.g. films.
The teacher can also turn off the Internet completely during a review.

Smoothwall Pulse – Health check
Gives students a channel to speak out and schools a way to spot students in need.
– In just about 60 seconds a week

Qustodio – Web filter in students’ private devices
Finally, parental controls and web filters for the children’s private devices.¨
All in one parental control
Over 6 million parents trust Qustodio’s parental control tools to keep their children’s screen time safe and balanced on every device.
You as parents now have the opportunity to use an account completely free of charge to protect your children.
There are also purchase versions with more functions.
There is no 100% protection, but Qustodio reduces the risk of younger children being exposed to sites with e.g. violence and porn which today is often very rough today, with strangulation sex, excessive violence and various humiliations.

Of course, all child protection must always be combined with conversations adapted to the child’s age.




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