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The Nordic Track was held on 16 April and brought together colleagues from across the Nordic region to network and share experiences. This full day in English provided a Nordic perspective on the most current school issues.

SETTival 16-18 april 2024

This year’s SETTival was for teachers and educators in schools, preschools, adapted schools and after-school centres. For three days, there was conversations, lectures and interactive workshops.

Here you could invest in skills development on everything from the latest technology, research, pedagogy and didactics to improving your digital skills, networking with colleagues and shaping forward-looking teaching that prepares children and students for the future.

Leader Track 17-18 april 2024

The Leadership Track was the track for those with leadership or development responsibilities! Here you get two packed days of competence development and exchange of experience on leadership and learning in time.

The track offered lectures and
panel discussions where we raise issues such as the importance of leadership, research and development, system integration, the importance of the learning environment, quality assurance and future competences.

2024 year's theme: Between screen time and social responsibility

In 2024, we looked ahead, with our roots deeply rooted in last year’s theme – ‘Lifelong Learning’, we went beyond school desks and screens to dive into the role of schools and preschools in shaping tomorrow’s society. It is not only about the knowledge we impart, but also about how we adapt ourselves and our young people to a changing world.

Digitalisation has undoubtedly influenced and shaped our behaviours and learning? How do we look at this going forward in the discussion beyond screen time?

We face global challenges, from political tensions to economic crises. Against this background, how do we equip the younger generation?

We welcomed you to SETT 2024: a meeting place for both insight and change, where we navigate together the intersection of screen time and social responsibility and where reflection meets innovation. Together we looked at how we can support children and young people in their digital world, without losing them to it.

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