About the conference

Nordic Track is the conference where colleagues from across the Nordic region gather to network, share experiences, and gain a Nordic perspective on the most current educational issues.

In a time when technology is influencing the way we educate ourselves, it becomes important to focus on the shared values, challenges, and potentials that the Nordic countries possess. This full-day event in English provides you with a Nordic perspective on the most current educational issues.

SETTival Track April, 16-18

Our SETTival Track is designed for educators, whether you’re a teacher in a school, preschool, special education setting, or after-school program. Spanning three days, the event features discussions, lectures, and interactive workshops.

Participate on your own or join with colleagues, and invest in professional development that covers everything from the latest technology and research, to pedagogy and didactics. Enhance your digital skills, network with peers, and shape forward-thinking instruction that prepares students and children for the future.

Please note, this track primarily includes sessions in Swedish.

The Leadership Track, April 17-18

The Leadership Track is tailored for those with leadership or developmental responsibilities! Experience two jam-packed days of professional growth and knowledge exchange centered around contemporary leadership and learning.

This track offers lectures and panel discussions, highlighting topics such as the significance of leadership, research and development, system integration, the role of the learning environment, quality assurance, and future-ready competencies.

Please note, this track primarily includes sessions in Swedish.

Sessions and speakers for the tracks are in the works and will be revealed over time.

This year’s theme: Between Screen Time and Social Responsibility 

In 2024, we look forward, deeply anchored in last year’s theme – “Lifelong Learning”. We move beyond classrooms and screens to delve into the role of schools and preschools in shaping the society of tomorrow. It’s not just about the knowledge we convey, but also how we adapt ourselves and our youth to a changing external world.

Digitalization has undoubtedly influenced and shaped our behaviors and our learning. How do we view this moving forward in the discussion beyond screen time?

We are facing global challenges, from political tensions to economic crises. With this backdrop, how do we equip the younger generation?

We welcome you to SETT 2024: A meeting place for both insight and change, where we navigate together at the boundary between screen time and social responsibility, and where reflection meets innovation. This year, we look at how we can support children and adolescents in their digital world, without losing them to it.

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