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Below we have also compiled the most frequently asked questions for the Sett.

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  • The next Sett will take place on April 8-10, 2025.
  • Registration for Sett 2025 will open in the fall.
  • Address: Kistamässan, Arne Beurlings Torg 5, 164 40 Kistamäsan
  • Cloakroom is available at the fair.
  • There is limited parking at Kistamässan. We advise you to use public transportation. Commuter train station: Helenelund. Metro station: Kista.
  • If you have a rebookable ticket, you can change your name to a colleague by contacting us at
  • Eating places are available both in Kistamässan’s premises and in the surrounding area.
  • The conference program for 2025 will be published in the autumn.
  • These activities were organized by exhibitors on the exhibition floor in 2024.
  • You do not need to book a place for the lectures, it is on a first come, first served basis. Your conference ticket is valid for lectures within the track you booked a ticket for.
  • Your Smart Badge (name tag) you get at the entrance will be your digital business card – More info here!
  • What did the fair look like in 2024? You can find the 2024 hall plan here.


Registration for Sett 2025 will open in the autumn.

Once you have registered, a confirmation will be sent within 24h to the e-mail address provided. Take this confirmation with you, preferably digitally, and display it in the entrance. Once this is done, you will receive a nameplate from the entrance host called a Smart Badge, which serves as a digital business card. See more information about this under “Your Smart Badge – your digital business card”.

Has it been more than 24 hours since your booking and you still haven’t received your confirmation? Contact us at

When you registered for Sett, you received a confirmation email with a barcode. Please have this confirmation available when you arrive at Kistamässan.

Once there, you will receive your Smart Badge. This badge serves as your digital business card throughout your stay. It shows your name, company and the position/job title you entered when you registered.

All exhibitors will have a small reader in their stand marked “Touch & Collect”. Are you interested in getting in touch with the company after the fair or just collecting information about the company? Then hold your badge against the reader and you and the exhibitor will have exchanged contact details. After the fair, you will receive an email with a summary of your visit. Simple and digital!

If you have entered incorrect invoice details, you can email your booking number or invoice number and the correct details to and we will amend this for you.

Yes, you can transfer your ticket to a colleague if you have booked a rebookable ticket. Contact us at and we will change the name and contact details on the ticket.

At Sett we have an age limit of 18 years. However, children wearing a harness are allowed.

General information

Main entrance:
Arne Beurlings Torg 5
164 40 Kista

Opening hours:
April 8-10, 2025.
Exact opening hours will be published in the fall.

Service areas
On the upper entrance level you will find the service centre, stand service, restaurant, cloakroom, toilets, lounge and the exhibition hall.

Special parking permit
For people with a special parking permit, there are two parking spaces next to the main entrance.

For those on wheels
Are you coming with a walker or wheelchair?

To enter the building there are two revolving doors and to the right there is an entrance door with a telephone number to call for entry.

At the main entrance there is a lift and escalator up to the service centre and the exhibition hall.

On the upper entrance level there is a stair lift down to the E level.

The RWC is located on the upper entrance floor (205×90 cm), and on the ground floor (205×90 cm).

Good to know if you have impaired vision
Guide dogs are of course welcome.

The stairs down to the Service Centre and down to the E level are marked with contrasting colour on the top and bottom steps.

Good to know if you have a hearing impairment
There is a hearing loop in the front row of all stages.

Unfortunately, we do not have our own interpreters on site during fairs, but of course you are welcome to bring an interpreter. Please contact if you have any questions about this.

Good to know if you have allergies
Guide dogs are welcome at Kistamässan but no other animals.

The soap in our public toilets is extra mildly perfumed to suit sensitive skin.

Live plants are available in the restaurant and can also be found in the exhibition hall during fairs.

Yes! The cloakrooms are located at the entrance next to the exhibition hall. Here you can hang your jacket or other belongings.

Scandic Victoria Tower is located next door to Kistamässan. Read more on Scandic Victoria Tower’s website.

Rooms can be booked via Scandic Victoria Tower’s website

Other accommodation options can be found here.

Find out how you can make your visit to us as sustainable as possible. Read our recommendations here.

There is access to one restaurant/café at the fair. There are also several restaurants and cafés in the vicinity of the fair that offer everything from sushi to salads and lunch of the day.

We have a photographer at Sett for all three days. If you do not want to appear in the picture, please tell the Service Center on site.

Unfortunately, due to the size of the exhibition area, prams cannot be brought into the exhibition hall.

However, children wearing a carrier are exempt.

Unfortunately, pets are not allowed inside the fair. (Does not apply to guide dogs).

Alternative 1
Commuter train (no changes): Search for the station Arlanda C. on You get off in Helenelund. From there, turn right when you exit the station and follow the walkway to Kistamässan for about 7 minutes. You will see a tall tower from the station which is Scandic Victoria Tower and is located in the same building as Kistamässan. Travel time by train from Arlanda is 23 minutes.

Alternative 2
Taxi: 3 miles and takes about 33 minutes. Taxi Stockholm
Tel. 15 00 00

If you live in Kista, Sollentuna, Solna, Ursvik or other nearby areas, there are many good bicycle routes to Kistamässan. There are bike racks across the street from the main entrance.

See how you can cycle here.

Several bus lines serve Kistamässan. Plan your trip through SL here.

Take the blue metro line 11 from T-centralen towards Akalla. Get off at Kista – travel time 17 minutes. From Kista Centrum subway station, it is then a 12-minute walk to Kistamässan. Follow the signs to Kistamässan. The subway runs about 6 times an hour.

Commuter train:
Take the commuter train from Stockholm Central towards Uppsala, Upplands Väsby or Märsta. Get off at Helenelund station – travel time 15 minutes. From Helenelund station it is then a 10-minute walk to Kistamässan. Follow the signs to Kistamässan. Commuter trains run 4-6 times an hour.

E4 Northbound:
Take the KISTA S exit from E4 to enter Kymlingelänken/road 279. Keep right and follow signs for Kistamässan. Turn left at the traffic lights signposted to Kistamässan. Drive straight ahead in the roundabout towards Torshamnsgatan and signs for Kistamässan. Drive straight ahead on Torshamnsgatan at the traffic lights. Turn right onto Strömögatan and follow the signs for Kistamässan.

E4 southbound:
Leave the E4 at exit KISTA S. Turn right at the second exit and follow signs for Kistamässan. Turn right in the roundabout towards Torshamnsgatan and follow the signs for Kistamässan. Drive straight ahead on Torshamnsgatan at the traffic lights. Turn right onto Strömögatan and follow the signs for Kistamässan.

Stockholms Stad manages the parking and is a paid parking lot. There are limited parking spaces in the immediate area and therefore we advise you to use public transportation or bike if possible.

The new prices are;

50 SEK per hour or part thereof
150 SEK for 12 hours
200 SEK for 24 hours

We reserve ourselves for any. price changes as it is not our (the organizer’s) parking.

Extra parking spaces are located further down Torshamnsgatan, towards Ursviksskogen on the right side after Tele 2.

Take the opportunity to hold a meeting, a kickoff or similar in connection with Sett. We offer several different options for conference rooms, seating and sizes. Contact if you are interested!

We have a social media policy. You can find it here.


The conference consists of three full days. You are invited to Sett to develop your skills and get inspiration from others in the school world.

On site, you can choose from several parallel lectures according to what you want to attend – thus no pre-booking for the lectures.

More information about the conference can be found here. The concrete conference program and times will come closer to the fair and you will find everything here on our website.

Sett stage is a stage that is accessible to all visitors. Here you can listen to short lectures from partners and exhibitors. No pre-registration is needed.

Hearing loops are available in the front row of all stages.

In the upper entrance you will find a large sign with programme, hall plan and exhibitor list.

It will also be possible to scan a QR code on site to get the entire fair on your mobile.

Exhibition floor

The exhibition floor is full of exhibitors. You can see who was there in 2024 in our exhibitor list.

The hall plan and exhibitor list will be available on a large sign in the upper entrance, and you can also scan a QR code to have the entire fair on your mobile phone.

At each exhibitor’s stand, you will find a reader. If you are interested in getting in touch with the company after the fair or just collect information about the company, hold your Smart Badge against the reader. After that, you and the exhibitor have exchanged contact details. After the fair, you will receive an email with a summary of your visited stands. Simple and digital!

If you and an exhibitor have a good conversation and you want to exchange more detailed information with each other, the exhibitor can scan the QR code on your Smart Badge. This is done via the exhibitor’s phone and the exhibitor in question can then make notes to facilitate future contact.

Sett - a smart event

We want to make the exhibition experience as smooth as possible for our visitors. Therefore, your name badge is not just a name tag – it is also your digital business card.

Every exhibitor has a Smart Badge reader. When you hold the badge up to the reader, you and the exhibitor exchange information. At the end of the day, you will receive an email with a summary of all the exhibitors you have “blipped”. The exhibitor in turn receives your contact details and can then easily send further information.

Sometimes you click a little extra with an exhibitor and you may want to exchange more detailed information with each other. The exhibitor can then scan your name tag with his or her phone and make notes to facilitate future contact.

Visit Connect - ett smart event
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