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Petter Alexis Askergren

21 april

A tribute to the language

Petter is a living example of how unconventional paths can lead to an appreciation for words and languages. Although he could hardly write his name when he went to school, Petter currently has writing as a profession. In this lecture, Petter talks about his life based on his music and newly released book "16 rows". He explains how his love for the language was born through hip-hop and how important it is to inspire people to find new ways so they don't get stuck in the same track. This lecture will be in swedish.
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Christina Stielli

22 april

Who is responsible for us having fun at work?

There is much talk of 'finding' different things - finding calm, finding power, finding work satisfaction. But job satisfaction cannot be found, it can only be created. It's time to take the joy seriously because you see direct connections to more loyal employees, fewer sick leave, higher productivity, better collaborations and better results. But how do we do? How are we going to do that too? This lecture will be in swedish.
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Åsa Ekman

23 april

The Convention on the Rights of the Child is law, what must the leadership do?

How do we do now? What does it mean to implement the CRC, what are the requirements of the CRC on businesses and especially principals and managers? What does management and governance mean in this context, and how can an organization translate the banking convention into everyday work? This lecture will be in swedish.
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For three days, you will be able to attend over 100 different lectures divided into two tracks. Pedagogy and didactics, Management and development or Kombo-ticket that gives you access to all lectures.
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