8-10 April 2025

What is Sett?

The learning festival Sett (Scandinavian Education Technology Transformation) is the Nordic region's leading meeting place in innovative and lifelong learning, for K-12 professionals. Sett was founded in 2012 in Stockholm and since then has had formidable growth and organizes meeting places in both Belgium and Sweden. Sett Belgium is the largest event for Dutch-speaking schools and will be held on February 26-27, 2025 in Mechelen, for more information contact angelique.vanaccoleyen@easyfairs.com.

Sett has a focus on the latest in pedagogy and development, and by creating networking areas and exchange of experience, we are investing in a wide-ranging skill change for Nordic school staff and school management. Sett takes place at Kistamässan in Stockholm and at the last event in 2023 we welcomed just over 5,000 visitors.

En kreativ och interaktiv utställning

The exhibition at Sett will provide inspiration, practical tips and product news. In addition to companies in the field of innovative and digital learning, municipalities, associations and start-ups are also present. Sett is an active, bubbly and inspiring meeting place where companies invite you to lectures, pop-up classes, discussions, competitions, etc. A perfect opportunity to network with colleagues in the world of school and get the collegial learning going!

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Sett stage

In the middle of the exhibition, we have a stage accessible to all visitors. Here, you have an opportunity to listen to short lectures from partners and exhibitors. No pre-registration is required.

Are you interested in speaking at the Sett stage? Please contact christina.olsson@easyfairs.com.

A smart event!

We want to make the trade fair experience as smooth as possible for our visitors. That’s why your name badge is not just a name badge – it’s also your digital business card.

Each exhibitor has a Smart Badge reader. When you hold your badge up to the reader, you and the exhibitor exchange information. At the end of the day, you will receive an email with a summary of all the exhibitors you have scanned. The exhibitor in turn receives your contact details and can then easily send further information.

Sometimes you click a little extra with an exhibitor and you may want to exchange more detailed information with each other. The exhibitor can then scan your name tag with their phone and make notes that make it easier for future contact.

Schedule upcoming study days at SETT!

April 8-10, 2025
April 14-16, 2026

By scheduling study days at Sett, your team can benefit from everything the fair has to offer: inspiring lectures, innovative solutions, and invaluable networking opportunities with others in the education sector across the Nordic region. Organize your own activities in a shared space, contact us to learn more.


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The Swedish National Agency for Education, also known as Skolverket, is the central administrative authority for the public school system, publicly organized preschooling, school-age childcare, and adult education. Tasked by the Swedish government, our mission is to ensure that all children and students have access to the same high-quality standard of education and activities in secure environments. We aim to create the best conditions for children’s development and learning, as well as to improve students’ learning outcomes.

On October 1, 2022, the National Agency for Education became an emergency response authority to support the development of civil preparedness within the school system. Currently, we have approximately 800 employees, all contributing to maintaining a high standard of quality for Swedish education.


Swedish Teachers’ Union – the new trade union for teachers and study and career counsellors. With over 300,000 members, we are one of the largest unions and a force to be reckoned with in every workplace.


Sveriges Lärare

The Swedish Association of School Leaders organizes approximately 17,000 members – all managers and leaders within the education sector, from preschool to higher education and is Saco’s largest managers’ union. Sweden’s School Leaders was formed on January 1, 2023, after the Swedish School Leaders’ Association and the Teachers’ Union School Leaders merged into a new strong union.


Swedish Edtech Industry is an non-profit organization aiming to ensure that Sweden is at the forefront in using and developing the digital technology that enables and strengthens lifelong learning. The association promotes quality issues and advocates for a free and healthy market, ensuring innovation and growth, and building knowledge both within and outside the network. The industry association is aimed at edtech companies operating throughout the Swedish education market.


Uppsala is the largest education administration in Sweden.  34 000 children and students,  6 000 employees 200 units.

Uppsala.se and pedagog.uppsala.se.

Internetstiftelsen is an independent organisation aiming for the internet to have a positiv impact on the humans and the society.


Sollentuna municipality wants to offer the best school in Sweden.


The Swedish Agency for Special Needs Education (SPSM) works to give all children, young people and adults the right to learn on the basis of their own abilities and to achieve the goals of their education. This applies regardless of functional ability. We work to ensure that our target groups attend preschools, schools and adult education programmes that have good knowledge of how to design accessible learning environments and the ability to develop their working methods so that they provide good support based on children’s and pupils’ right to a functioning education. SPSM is Sweden’s largest knowledge bank within special needs education. We offer free support in the form of knowledge and skills development throughout Sweden to help preschools, schools and adult education programmes provide education that meets the needs of children, young people and adults, regardless of functional ability.


SPSM logo

Utdanningsforbundet organizes over 190,000 teachers and leaders in kindergarten, school, and the rest of the education system. The Education Union is Norway’s largest trade union in the education system.


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