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Inspirational lectures

The conference program at SETT provides inspiration directly from teachers, preschool teachers, leisure teachers, educators, school leaders and suppliers who have experience of changing the way schools and preschools learn. Changes where modern communication played a major role. The content is presented through inspirational seminars, lectures and even more practical workshops. All in order to give you new interesting ideas on how you can practically and concretely develop both yourself and your school in new exciting directions.

Choose lectures on site

You do not pre-register for specific lectures but instead decide which speakers you want to listen to. Note that you must have a conference ticket for the track you want to participate on.

In addition to the conference, there is an active exhibition floor where exhibitors invite you to lectures, workshops, discussions and more!

Choose which track you want to participate on

Choose between the Pedagogy and Didactics track and the Leadership and Development track. You can also register as an exhibition visitor. Then you will have access to the exhibition itself, but not the lectures.

Pedagogy and didactics

Addresses you as a teacher or educator in school, preschool and deals with interesting and innovative knowledge, experiences and phenomena that relate to modern learning. Everything from pure pedagogy, modern learning, creativity, the importance of the learning environment and social media to more practical examples.

Leadership and Development track

The content of this track is mainly aimed at school principals, decision-makers at different levels and teachers, educators with development assignments. Areas that are addressed are the importance of leadership, research and development, system integration, the importance of the learning environment, quality assurance, future competencies, etc.


Visiting the fair is free! The exhibition has been developed into an active meeting place where the exhibitors invite lectures, popup classes, workshops, discussions and competitions! Sign up below for an entrance ticket.


Easyfairs is part of Artexis Easyfairs Group, one of Europe’s leading trade show companies, which organizes 125 events in 16 countries and operates 10 facilities in the Benelux countries and Scandinavia. Artexis Easyfairs has two business areas that are operated under two brands, Artexis which owns and operates the fairgrounds Kistamässan, Malmömässan and Åbymässan and the fair organizer Easyfairs, which conducts over 50 own fairs annually in Sweden. www.easyfairs.com

Meet In Grid is a production company that creates modern arenas for learning and change. Our passion and drive is the power of learning. We believe that the magic of the meeting is in the grid with others that change is being made and strengthened. www.meetingrid.se


The Teachers’ Union is the only organization that gathers power from the entire teaching profession. With 234,000 members, the Teachers’ Union is the largest trade union in the Nordic region for you as a teacher, school leader or teacher student – from preschool to university in one union. Together we get the right things to happen in School Sweden. Welcome as a member too! www.lararforbundet.se


Stockholm is the country’s cultural, media, economic and political center. The City of Stockholm is growing rapidly and is estimated to have one million inhabitants by 2020. A creative school environment with a modern IT support stimulates the city’s students and educators to renew and develop the way of teaching and learning. A well-thought-out use of IT in the city’s schools can also equalize digital divisions and contribute to sustainable social development. All high school students have their own computer and 40,000 tablets are distributed in the elementary schools. Through digitization, the City of Stockholm lifts pedagogy and heavy administrative processes are streamlined. www.stockholm.se

Uppsala is Sweden’s fourth largest city and is located in one of Europe’s most expansive and knowledge-intensive growth areas. The city’s two internationally highly-ranked universities provide unique opportunities for both scientifically-based school development and professional development for the education administration’s 6,000 employees. The administration is one of the largest in the country and works together from an 0-19 year perspective. It gives the opportunity to follow every child from preschool to high school and to give the right support in working towards the student cap. www.uppsala.se

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