Welcome to apply for press accreditation to cover the Sett conference taking place on April 8-10th, 2025, at Kistamässan in Stockholm. To apply for press accreditation, you need to have an assignment to cover the fair from an editorial team for future publication. This should be certified in writing by a news editor, editor-in-chief, or similar authority. The certification should be attached to your application.

The deadline to apply for accreditation is April 1st 2025. No accreditation will be granted on-site.

For freelance journalists:
Freelance journalists should attach a certificate from the editorial team that is commissioning the work, along with contact information.

For influencers: If you have your own social channels with a large following and wish to inform them about Sett, you are welcome to apply for press accreditation following the same process described above. In this case, you need to attach a description of your social channel, the number of followers, and the purpose of the channel.

Send your application to the following email address:

Warm welcome to Sett!

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