Become an exhibitor at SETT

Why exhibit?

At SETT, leading suppliers and representatives from Sweden’s schools meet face to face, which is the most effective form of sales and relationship building. Here you reach a large part of the market very quickly whether you want to strengthen your brand, enter a new market or launch a new product or service. Exhibitors on site are anyone who offers products or services that can be linked to innovative and digital learning such as computers, touch screens, software, education and more.

What do the visitors want to experience?

At SETT, visitors come primarily to get inspiration, fill with knowledge and experience new products and services. But also to meet schools and municipalities, meet suppliers and to mingle with others in the industry. The exhibition is an active, bubbling meeting place where exhibitors invite lectures, popup classes, workshops, discussions and competitions. A creative environment, which inspires and gives energy, is what we want to summarize the experience of SETT.

Here you can see the distribution of visitors and activities for SETT 2019

SETT 2019 was held April 9-11 at the Kistamässan in Stockholm. The meeting place had a total of 8122 visits!

Detailed statistics:

Tuesday, April 9: 2651 visits

Wednesday, April 10: 2995 visits

Thursday, April 11: 2476 visits

Number of unique visitors: 6355

(These figures do not include exhibitors).

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