As part of the Easyfairs group, Kistamässan is a member of the Net Zero Carbon Events commitment, and we are committed to achieving net-zero emissions by 2050 and reducing our greenhouse gas emissions by 50% by 2030.

Easyfairs is committed to conducting our events in an environmentally and socially responsible manner by:



The venue takes energy-saving measures, uses only green electricity and implements other actions to reduce unnecessary energy consumption.


  • We limit our energy consumption by carefully controlling lighting, heating, and ventilation, as well as HVAC levels.
  • The facility is equipped with LED lighting.
  • We maintain the temperature at 20°C during the event.
  • Our all-in booths and all organizer spaces are equipped with LED lighting.
  • Production & Waste

    We implement a strict waste management and waste reduction plans, as well as limit the use of plastic at our events.

    Production & Waste

    • We sort the waste generated by our events.
    • We use reusable carpet tiles at our events.
    • Our Smart Badge technology allows for a significant reduction in paper usage for our exhibitors.
    • The venue is equipped with sorting bins at key locations.
    • We use reusable booth packages at this event, allowing us to greatly reduce the waste generated by disposable booths.
    • We sort the waste generated by our events.
    • We offer 100% recyclable carpet at our events.
    • We use eco-labeled cleaning products at the facility.
    • We strive to eliminate single-use plastic at all serving points and collaborate with all our partners to replace single-use plastic packaging and bottles with sustainable solutions.
    • The venue is equipped with multiple water stations.
    • We produce graphic signs made with environmentally friendly components and water-based ink.

    Travel & Accomodation

    Easyfairs reduces emissions from travel and selects our preferred accommodation partners based on sustainability criteria.

    Travel & Accommodation

    • Bicycle parking is available opposite the main entrance
    • We recommend public transport
    • If you are travelling by car, we recommend carpooling to the event

    Food & Food waste

    We apply principles for sustainable food sourcing at our food service locations.

    Food & Food waste

  • We encourage our suppliers to implement portion control at food service locations to reduce waste.
  • Vegetarian and vegan options are available at food service locations.
  • We ask our suppliers to source food locally and follow principles of responsible farming.
  • We request our suppliers to serve fish and seafood in accordance with sustainable guidelines to preserve the ecosystem.
  • We ask our suppliers to only purchase fair trade/organic tea and coffee.
  • No red meat is served in our lunch restaurants.
  • Shipping & Logistics

    Easyfairs booth packages reduces transportation emissions and waste, and we select our suppliers based on sustainability criteria.

    Shipping & Logistics

  • Easyfairs booth packages reduce transportation emissions and waste.
  • We select our suppliers based on sustainability criteria.
  • Social responsibility

    We strive to be an inclusive team, embracing diversity with equal opportunities for all, and embedd sustainability at the core of our event.

    Social responsability

    • The seminar programme at SETT includes topics in sustainability
    • We provide a platform for startups to present their groundbreaking innovations
    • Easyfairs has a whistleblowing function

    Vad gör vi på Easyfairs?

    Vi vill minska användningen av engångsprodukter​

    Att använda material en kort stund för att sedan slänga det är inte hållbart. Engångsprodukter har olika typer av påverkan på miljön – dels medför de resursförbrukning och dels hamnar de ofta i naturen vilket leder till nedskräpning. Att använda flergångsalternativ gör att vi minskar resursförbrukningen avsevärt. Dessutom bidrar det till att minska nedskräpningen.  Engångsartiklar är en stor källa till nedskräpning. Eftersom plast har svårt att brytas ner i naturen skadas många fåglar och däggdjur av att fastna i plasten eller äta av plasten.  På grund av den långa nedbrytningstiden är plast ett växande miljöproblem och att minska användningen av engångsartiklar är en åtgärd för att minska risken att plast hamnar i naturen. Engångsartiklar står också för en förbrukning av resurser. Även om produkten återvinns så förloras energi och material-värden. Det bästa är därför att använda produkten flera gånger. På så sätt sparar vi på resursuttaget från jorden men också på energi.




    Stand design & Waste

    Choose a reusable stand package from the organiser or design your own stand so that the structure will be reused several times, year after year. Work with your stand builder to make your stand as durable as possible! Avoid creating a disposable stand just for one occasion. Create reusable signs (without any date on it) made from recyclable materials and with eco-friendly ink whenever possible. Use LED lighting and other energy-efficient equipment for your stand and don’t forget to switch it off at the end of the day. Try not to use carpet, and if you really need it, preferably choose reusable carpet tiles. If you use regular carpet, make sure it is recyclable and that it will be recycled.

    Travel & Accomodation

    Whenever possible, choose public transportation or carpool with your colleagues.
    Select a hotel within walking distance and/or implement environmentally friendly practices.

    Shipping & Logistics

    Consolidate your shipments and preferably use transport and logistics companies that apply sustainable practices. Favour local suppliers to support the local economy and reduce transport. Favour suppliers with environmental and social credentials.

    Food & Food waste

    Bring your own reusable water bottle and use our water stations to help us reduce the use of single-use plastics. If you serve food at your stand, preferably choose locally produced and plant-based options. Please note that from 1 January 2024 it is forbidden to use disposable items containing more than 15% plastic. Read more here. This is good to keep in mind when planning your activities for the stand. Avoid food waste and order only the amount of food needed.

    Social responsability

    Take an active role in the various initiatives and discussions during the event that will support sustainable development within your industry.
    Inspire visitors by showcasing the sustainable features of your products.




    Contact us, and we’d be happy to tell you more about Easyfairs’ shared global initiatives and how we work together to create sustainable events. Click on the button below to access our contact information.

    SETT SUSA-certifieras

    Som en del i vårt hållbarhetsarbete kommer Easyfairs att SUSA-certifiera samtliga egna mässor som görs på Malmömässan och Kistamässan.

    Läs mer om SUSA här:

    Environmentally certified organiser

    SETT is organised by Easyfairs Nordic, which is now certified according to the national environmental management standard Svensk Miljöbas. Being certified according to Svensk Miljöbas means that Easyfairs works systematically and structured to reduce its environmental footprint and contribute to a positive development for people and nature. As part of this sustainability work, the company can now also offer customers the opportunity to customise their events in terms of sustainability. Easyfairs’ project managers will be able to provide guidance throughout the process.

    Read more about the diploma here.


    Contact us, and we’d be happy to tell you more about Easyfairs’ shared global initiatives and how we work together to create sustainable events. Click on the button below to access our contact information.

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