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The most common questions about SETT. If you don’t find the answer – e-mail us: and we’ll be happy to help.

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The more you prepare your participation the more successful will it be.

Scandic Victoria Tower is adjacent to  Kistamässan.

Other options  här.

Contact us if you are interested in booking a conference room

For stand catering contact

KM Restauranger
08 410 608 20

Food and drink must be ordered through KM restauranger.

You will be invited to a digital kick off during the spring 2024 in order to get all information you might need-

Easyfairs constantly works with updating our security standards.

Contact us if you are interested in extra visibility

Please inform the photographer if you don’t want to be seen on the photos.

There is an additional charge for stands above 2,5 meters. Please contact Workman for more information.

SETT / Company/ Stand number
Vågögatan 3
164 40 Kista

You will be charged for the handling of the pre-delivered goods. 

The more visible SETT is  – the more visitors are attracted.

Please communicate your participation in all your channels.
If you need additional marketing material, please contact us.

Let us know if you plan activities or seminars in your stand and we’ll post in on the web.

What is My Easyfairs

Log in to My Easyfairs:
The contact person from your company has received information with a link

Have you previously filled in the information?  They are still there – just update them. 

Add more users.
You can invite more colleagues to My Easyfairs.

Länk till My Easyfairs

Online academy on how to best succeed with your participation Se onlineutbildningen här.

You’ll find your banner on My Easyfairs If not, please contact

We do not hand out or sell visitors lists.

The final preparations

Main entrance
Arne Beurlings Torg 5
164 40 Kista

Please use your banners to invite prospects to SETT or use the Invitation link in My Easyfairs

There are restaurants and cafés on site during SETT.

Update your profile in My Easyfairs

Communicate your participation

Plan your stand

Have the right people in your stand and schedule breaks for them

Follow up all leads


Times will be updated during the autumn 2023

16 april 07.00-18.00 Inflytt
17 april 07.00-22.00 Inflytt
18 april 07.00-09.00 (ni kommer in i hallen 2 h innan den öppnas för besökare)
19 april 07.00-09.00 (ni kommer in i hallen 2 h innan den öppnas för besökare)
20 april 07.00-08.50 (ni kommer in i hallen 1 h 50 min innan den öppnas för besökare)

Ticket for exhibitors
Register all stand personnell in My Easyfairs.

Conference tickets to stand personell

You can buy a conference ticket if you would like to listen to seminars at a reduced price.

There is a very limited number of parking slots around Kistamässan. Please use public transport or park by Kista Galleria. 


Let's do this!

There are several places to eat at Kistamässan during SETT.

On the Sunday the nearest restaurant is at Kista Galleria, about 10 mins walk from Kistamässan

Plan your participation in My Easyfairs

There is a lounge on the ground floor with coffee, fruit and sweets.

You can start packing down your stand after closing time.

The opening times will be updated during the autumn.

16 april 07.00-18.00 Inflytt
17 april 07.00-22.00 Inflytt
18 april 07.00-17.00
19 april 07.00-20.00
20 april 07.00-22.00

Mässans öppettider för besökare

18 april 09.00-17.00
19 april 09.00-20.00
20 april 08.50-15.30 (konferensprogrammet slutar kl 15.00)


Pleas help us improve by answering the evaluation.

The survey will be sent out after the show.

During the show you will be contacted by one of our sales representatives if you would like to book your stand for 2025.

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