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The most common questions about SETT. If you don’t find the answer – e-mail us: and we’ll be happy to help.

Check List - What to do before SETT

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Practical Infomation

See information below! Further questions? Please contact us:


The better you prepare for your participation, the more successful it will be. Be sure to follow our checklist and stay proactive in your planning.

Scandic Victoria Tower is located next door to Kistamässan. Rooms can be booked via Scandic Victoria Tower’s website

To get a 10% discount on your booking, enter the booking code: PRO10SE.

Enter the code in the “add booking code” box to receive the discount. The code is valid during the dates 13-20 April.

NOTE! The discount is valid on Scandic’s flex rates (i.e. not on their non-refundable web rate).

Other accommodation options can be found here.

Contact us if you are interested in a private conference room

For stand catering contact

KM Restauranger
+46 (0) 8 410 608 20

Any food and/or beverages must be ordered through KM restauranger.

We offer an incredibly broad and creative way to get extra visibility before and during SETT. Check out the possibilities here.


Please inform the photographer if you don’t want to be seen on the photos.

Find out how you can make your trade fair participation more sustainable. Read our recommendations here.

Note that from 1 January 2024 it is forbidden to use disposable items containing more than 15% plastic. This is good to keep in mind when planning your stand activities. Violating this law can result in fines. Read more here.

There is an additional charge for stands above 2,5 meters. Please contact Workman for more information.

Are you planning to send materials to your stand before you arrive? Delivery times for the goods reception will be provided soon.

Delivery address:
SETT / Company / Stand Number Kistamässan
Vågögatan 3
164 40 Kista, SWEDEN

Goods arriving at the exhibition are transported to the assigned stand at a cost. The same fee applies to outgoing goods left at the stand. These costs will be invoiced to the exhibiting company afterwards. Please contact Workman Event for more details or see Workman Event’s information letter under the tab “Stand Service via Workman Event”.

Neither Kistamässan nor Workman Event are responsible for goods before, during, or after the event.

Getting the right visitors to the exhibition is teamwork. Both we as organizers and you as exhibitors are responsible for inviting visitors. Statistics show that if exhibitors promote their participation in the exhibition beforehand, they achieve 250% better results than those who don’t promote themselves.

You can view the exhibition as a shopping mall. We, the organizers, are the mall, and you, the exhibitors, are the shops. To entice customers to visit your particular store over all others, you need to promote your presence and stand out from the crowd. Once there, your store should look appealing, and you should have knowledgeable staff to establish a good relationship with customers who actually come to the store.

To maximize your participation in the exhibition, we have tools to assist you:

  • Your exhibitor page on our website
  • Personalized banners

Your exhibitor page on our website:
Under “Exhibitors” on our website, you can see the information you provide on My Easyfairs (read more about this under the “My Easyfairs” tab). Here you can write about your company, upload innovative products and news, as well as job advertisements. Statistics show that those with a filled-out My Easyfairs profile tend to do better on site.

Personalized banners:
We will produce personalized banners for you once you’ve uploaded your logo to My Easyfairs. You can find them in My Easyfairs once they’re ready.”

If you are planning a program in your stand, please let us know. We will then publish it on the website so visitors can include it in their planning. Contact us at

Many of your stand orders can be easily managed in  Workman’s shop here!

For additional questions:

What is My Easyfairs?
The majority of visitors plan their visit through our website. The information entered in My Easyfairs is what is displayed in our exhibitor list on the website

Log in to My Easyfairs:
The contact person from your company has received information with a

Have you previously filled in the information?  They are still there – sign in once more to update your appearance on the website’s exhibitor list.

Add more users
You can invite more colleagues to get access to My Easyfairs.

Link to My Easyfairs

In January, a mandatory exhibitor meeting was held where you as a team received important information and tips for the fair.

You find the presentation from the meeting here.

We are a smart event and use smart technology for on-site lead generation. See how it works here:
Link to introduction movies

As an exhibitor at an Easyfairs event, you’ll have access to an exclusive exhibitor academy with tips on how to succeed at a trade show.
View the online training here.

Feel free to utilize your custom banner across your platforms to highlight your presence at SETT. It’s available inside My Easyfairs.

Can’t find yours? Please reach out to

Beware of Fake List Vendors and Similar Scams!

Easyfairs draws your attention to fraudulent offers of list data and other “services” that you may receive via unsolicited emails.

If you receive such a communication, it is certainly fraudulent and does not come from Easyfairs. Easyfairs never sells visitor data to third parties.

The data provided by these companies is most of the time either inaccurate, incomplete, of poor quality or even fake and/or have been gathered or acquired in contravention of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Any use that such companies make of the name Easyfairs or [SHOW NAME] is without our authorisation and is illegal.

Please do not respond to these emails. On no account should you make any payments to the companies behind them.

Please contact us if you feel uncertain at

The last weeks before the show

It's getting closer!
Below are points that you as an exhibitor should be aware of at the latest the week before, provided of course that you've also checked off the list regarding preparations.

Main entrance
Arne Beurlings Torg 5
164 40 Kista

We have created banners for you to use on your social media channels to spread the message that you are exhibiting at SETT. Make sure to join us in announcing that we finally get to meet again. If you’ve uploaded your logo, you can find your banner on My Easyfairs. Missing your banner? Please contact

Utilize your Smart Badge Reader and generate more leads through enticing offers. Connect your reader to exclusive information, new products, or other must-see content – and most importantly, make it clear to the visitors what they gain by scanning your specific reader!

With a few simple tricks, you as an exhibitor can maximize your participation. Here’s a quick checklist:

  • Update your profile on My Easyfairs.
  • Promote your participation in your channels and invite your own customers.
  • Invest time and effort into your stand to make it visually appealing to visitors. One tip is also to attract visitors with some form of activity, such as a contest, let them try mini-golf, or offer something tasty.
  • Have the right people on site. Choose your most engaged and knowledgeable people to staff the stand.
  • Engage your stand staff. Ensure adequate staffing and plan time for breaks and lunch.
  • Actively use both Visit Connect and the Smart Badge reader during the exhibition.
  • Don’t forget to follow up and reconnect with your leads after the exhibition! You can find your leads on My Easyfairs and on the Visit Connect portal.
  • As an exhibitor at an Easyfairs event, you get to partake in an exclusive online training session along with the exhibition academy. They cover how to best succeed at an exhibition. View the online training here.In short, prepare well to excel!

Move-In for the Exhibition
April 14-15: 07.00 AM to 10.00 PM

Move-Out for the Exhibition
April 18: 04.00 PM to 10.00 PM

Ticket for exhibitors
Register all stand personnell in My Easyfairs.

Conference tickets to stand personell

You can buy a conference ticket if you would like to listen to seminars at a reduced price.

There are very few parking options by Kistamässan. If possible use public transport.


Now, the important part that we've all prepared for begins. It will be two jam-packed days of skill development, networking, and much more. Your work at the stand is more important than ever. A warm welcome!

There are several places to eat at Kistamässan during SETT.

Lunch boxes and vouchers can be pre-ordered through KM Restauranger,

In addition, there are also kiosks, shops, cafes, and restaurants close to the facility. Kista Galleria is also available approximately a 10-minute walk away.

Please note that during move-in on Sunday, all food establishments at Kistamässan and in the surrounding area will be closed. The nearest available dining option is in Kista Galleria, approximately a 10-minute walk away.

The majority of visitors plan their visit through our website. The information entered in My Easyfairs is what is displayed in our exhibitor list on the website. Here, you can present your company, your products, news, and job advertisements. During the fair, you will have a Smart Badge Reader in your stand that visitors can scan with their Smart Badges (name tags). When they scan your reader, they will receive the information you have uploaded via My Easyfairs sent to their email.

Make sure your profile is up to date.

There is a lounge on the ground floor, in room E10. Here, as exhibitors, you can relax with a cup of coffee and a piece of fruit and sweets.

Easyfairs (as the organizer) reserves the right to lower or turn off sound from speakers in the stand if the organizer deems it disruptive to other exhibitors.

If exhibitors significantly disturb neighboring stands, they may be liable for compensation to the adjacent exhibitor.

It is not allowed to start dismantling the stand before the closing of the exhibition on the last day. During the first half-hour/hour after the closing of the exhibition, the premises are cleared of visitors. For safety reasons, it is not permitted to bring empty goods into the exhibition halls during this time. Also, for safety reasons, the loading docks are not opened during this period.

Exhibitors’ opening hours during the exhibition days:

April 16: 07:00 AM – 05:00 PM
April 17: 07:00 AM – 05:00 PM
April 18: 07:00 AM – 04:00 PM

Visitors’ opening hours during the exhibition days:

April 16: 09:00 AM – 05:00 PM with subsequent mingle until 07:00 PM
April 17: 09:00 AM – 05:00 PM
April 18: 08:45 AM – 03:30 PM


Pleas help us improve by answering the evaluation.

The survey will be sent out after the show.

During the show you will be contacted by one of our sales representatives if you would like to book your stand for 2025.

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