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Welcome as an exhibitor to SETT april 14 - 16, 2021!

Below we have compiled the most common questions for exhibitors. Can’t find the answer below? Email us at and we will help you!

What is Smart Badge?

Turn your visitors into qualified leads!

Smart Badge turns your visitors into qualified leads! As an exhibitor, during the move, you get a reader to put in the stand. The reader is a wireless sensor that is placed on your stand. When visitors touch the reader with their Smart Badge, they automatically collect the information about your company and your products that you have posted in your My Easyfairs. This information is sent to them in a summary e-mail at the end of the exhibition day. If you have a GoLeads, GoPlus or GoPremium you will get a list of contact information for those who have touched your readers. You can find the list in your My Easyfairs after the fair is closed. See the information film for clear instructions here!

What is Visit Connect?

Visit Connect – collect contact details!

With the Visit Connect app you can scan information about the visitors in your booth, simply by scanning the QR code on their visitor badge. This facilitates your follow-up after the fair and ensures that you do not lose important business cards or contact information.

How does it work?

About 1 week before the fair you will receive a Visit Connect email with a personal link, follow the link and create your personal login and password or log in with your existing login.

When you are inside the portal, click on “manage my scan licenses”, here are your / your licenses. Enter the e-mail address of the person (s) in the stand who will use the app. The person in question will then receive an email to their email address with a QR code in. The person may then download the app via the Appstore or Google play, open Visit Connect in the smartphone to be used at the fair and scan the QR code in the app.

Now your phone is activated and you can scan visitors on site at the fair. Please note that you cannot change the phone once the QR code has been scanned. It is locked to the smartphone you chose. Remember that this must be done before you visit the fair, so you can’t do it on the spot unless you have access to your personal login, computer and internet.

Dowload the guidelines her!

See the information film for clear instructions here!

Information for the fair

See the Kistamässan fire regulations here!

Exhibitors themselves must arrange disposal and sorting of their waste in the booth. We charge 350: – / hour for rough cleaning and 300: – / cbm for leftover sorted waste. Environmental stations: During entry and relocation as well as the opening hours of the fair, environmental stations are located in the hall. At the stations, the sorting takes place in three fractions; Wood, Recycled Paper and Other. Recycle bins: In the exhibition halls, recycle bins are placed for smaller quantities of Paper, Other material and Bottles.

In cooperation with If Skadeförsäkringar, Kistamässan has produced the most favorable and simplest insurance on the market for our exhibitors. Liability insurance covers claims for damages made against Kistamässan’s exhibitors in conjunction with trade fairs at Kistamässan’s premises as a result of personal injury or property damage as well as property damage resulting from the terms indemnifiable- personal or property damage. This exhibition insurance covers the following • Your goods are fully insured during transport to and from the fair incl. loading and unloading • Your goods are fully insured at the fair, including packing and packing • All transport to and from the fair within the EU / EFTA • For most damage events, deductible SEK 1,000. Otherwise, see the terms and conditions (ex. Burglary in the car) • Applies to fire, water and burglary Find out more information and terms here: Exhibitor Insurance


More information will come when new dates are set for the fall and SETT2020.

Please mark the goods with the following: SETT2019 / Company / Booth number Kistamässan Vågögatan 3 S-164 40 KISTA Kistamässan or Workman Event is not responsible for goods before, during or after the event! Goods arriving at the fair are transported to the designated booth at a cost of 220 SEK / pallet and 310 SEK / long pallet. The same cost also applies to outgoing goods that are left in the stand. These costs are charged to exhibiting companies afterwards. Truck assistance is ordered by the Technical Department on site. If you have machines or other material that weighs over 1 ton, please contact Workman Event at least 1 week in advance. Help with packing of goods can be ordered contact: Workman Event, telephone: 08-410 356 60 or e-mail:, but no later than 2 weeks pre.

Exhibitors with freestanding stands (Ö stand with at least three free sides) are required to submit a drawing on any wall construction for approval of the Workman Event. For wall buildings longer than 4 meters, the Kistamässan assembles support in the form of support brackets, extra wall modules and the like. At the expense of the exhibitor, these grants can in some cases be replaced by, for example, security wires from ceilings, if the exhibitor so wishes. Structures higher than 2.50 meters require anchoring to roofs with safety cables. For construction and advertising messages etc. exceeding 2.50 meters, there is a charge of SEK 4950. This does not apply to booth lighting. Structures higher than 2.50 meters require anchoring to roofs with safety cables. Drawings on elevation buildings must always be sent to: at least 30 days before the fair for approval.

If you would like to order catering for the stand or lunch vouchers for your stand staff, contact Mariel at KM Restauranger, alt. 08 410 608 20.

Have you ordered technology and furnishings for your booth? We collaborate with Workman Event, a company that has been running exhibitions and events since 1998. Welcome to contact Workman for technical questions and orders. Project Manager SETT: Tommy Ahlzén, 08-410 356 80, Workman Event AB, Strömögatan 5, 164 40 KISTA Office: 08-410 356 60, Order on time and save money: Please note that Workman will charge an additional 30% for items and services if you order them no later than 10 working days before the fair is moved in.

Check the drawing if your booth contains columns. They are marked as red dots on drawings. Dimensions: 50 × 50 cm in Hall 1 and 30 × 30 cm in Hall 2. If so, we would like to draw your attention to the fact that pillars possibly. may be equipped with fire extinguishers and / or water pipes. Please contact the project team for specific information.

The service center opens in the morning at the same time as the exhibitors have access to the premises and is open until the event closes for the day. The relocation day is also open the first hour during the relocation.

The fair is responsible for the general cleaning. If a stand cleaning is required, this is ordered via a mounting service in ServiceCenter which is associated with a cost. We want all booths to be cleaned well in advance of the opening of the fair, but at latest at. 8 pm the night before the fair opens. In poorly cleaned booths, Kistamässan can decide on cleaning – and it always happens at the exhibitor’s expense.

To make it easier for you as an exhibitor at Kistamässan, we have gathered all information and regulations in one place: read more here

You will find the lounge down stairs in the conference center (E 10). The lounge is open to you during all days (moving in, carrying out and moving out). Nice relaxation from the pennant.

Exhibitors with freestanding stands (Ö stand with at least three free sides) are required to submit a drawing on any wall construction for approval of the Workman Event.
Vid väggbyggnationer längre än 4 meter monterar Kistamässan stöd i form av stödbyglar, extra väggmoduler och liknande. På utställarens bekostnad kan dessa stöd i vissa fall ersättas med t.ex. säkerhetsvajrar från tak, om utställaren så önskar.

Konstruktioner högre än 2,50 meter kräver förankring mot tak med säkerhetsvajer.För byggnation och reklambudskap etc. som överstiger 2,50 meter tillkommer en avgift på 4950 SEK. Se avsnitt höjdbyggnation.

Ritningar på väggbyggnationer måste alltid sändas in till:  för godkännande.

Väggarna är grovt bättringsmålade i vitt med reservation för vissa skavanker. Önskas en finare finish rekommenderar vi er att beställa målning om inte väggarna ska kläs in med något annat material. Målningsprodukter med organiska lösningsmedel får inte användas.

To order flowers and plants, contact Bloms Blommor. Tel 08-350740 or

Important information

Easyfairs is working hard on safety and sanitary plans and protocols in order to ensure our events are safe harbours for communities to meet and do business in the months and years to come. We are investing in a wide range of solutions from increased hygiene procedures to technology to facilitate social distancing and an impeccable level of sanitation. Easyfairs will not stop at anything to preserve the health and safety of its staff, exhibitors and visitors in every possible way.


Beware of Fake List Vendors and Similar Scams!

Easyfairs draws your attention to fraudulent offers of list data and other “services” that you may receive via unsolicited emails.

If you receive such a communication, it is certainly fraudulent and does not come from Easyfairs. Easyfairs never sells visitor data to third parties.

The data provided by these companies is most of the time either inaccurate, incomplete, of poor quality or even fake and/or have been gathered or acquired in contravention of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Any use that such companies make of the name Easyfairs or [SHOW NAME] is without our authorisation and is illegal.

Please do not respond to these emails. On no account should you make any payments to the companies behind them.

Please inform Easyfairs if you receive any such solicitations so we can warn others.


In My Easyfairs you publish the information you want to see on our website. Here you as an exhibitor can present your company and your products, post product news, press releases and have your website visible to all visitors. The information is then displayed in the exhibitor’s catalog. This service is completely free of charge so be sure to take advantage of it. At the fair, visitors can scan information about you through your smart badges. The information about you is taken from your My Easyfairs.

You update your profile on our web, see list: To update the profile – Log in at: If you have not received login information, click on “Forgot password” and you can create a new login there. Your username is your email address. It is important that you update your profile as this is the first thing our visitors see on the web.

You register your stand staff via My Easyfairs. All booth staff must have exhibitor cards at the fair. Here’s how:

  1. Log in to My Easyfairs with the login you got when you booked a booth at the fair.
  2. Click on “Manage booth” at the current fair.
  3. Go to the “Prepare your booth” tab.
  4. Click on “Register your staff” under the “Assembly staff” section
  5. Click on “Register your staff” in the new view.
  6. You will now be redirected to a new window.
  7. Click on “Personnel” (the second tab at the top of the page in the blue bar) if you did not get there automatically.
  8. Click on “+ new” and add the stand staff details. Click on “Next”.
  9. The person will now receive an e-mail with their exhibitor card to the e-mail address you entered.
  10. Take the exhibitor card to the fair for a faster and smoother entrance.

As an exhibitor and partner, we expect you to maximize the opportunities this fair creates by inviting visitors and spreading the word about SETT in your channels and networks.

  • Invite your customers and networks.
  • Spread is a contribution on social media.

You will find marketing material on MyEasyfairs in the form of banners of different sizes adapted to newsletters and social media. Similarly, there are mail footers and deverse tools that can be disseminated in your networks to create the best possible meeting place.

General information

Arne Beurlings Torg 5
164 40 Kista
08-506 650 00

Lat: N 59º 24´ 21.26″
Long: E 17º 57´ 24.42″

Scandic Victoria Tower is located next to the Kistamässan. Read more at Scandic Victoria Towers. If you enter the code D000037704 you will receive a 10% discount. Just a short walk from the fair you will also find Connect Hotel Kista, enter the code “Kistamässan” when booking and you will receive a 15% discount.

First aid equipment is available in the exhibition halls and at the Service Center. The service center also has a defibrillator, fire blanket, rest room etc.

The closet is open during the opening hours of the event

More information will come when new dates are set for the fall and SETT2020.

For machines or materials exceeding 1 tonne, truck assistance must be ordered at least 1 week in advance. During the last move-in day, the laying of walkways / painting of walkways will start.

After 17.00 this day, the corridors shall be kept clean of goods, garbage and packaging to facilitate their completion. Extra occupancy time is offered. Please contact: Tommy Ahlzén on tel. 08-410 356 80,

Please note that workflow only applies to previous occupancy! 10A / 230, ordered separately at extra cost. 

Kistamässan offers wired (LAN) and wireless (WIFI) connection to the Internet. When there is a need for stable and reliable connection, wired connection is always recommended. Kistamässan is not responsible for customers ‘and exhibitors’ own computers and / or applications.

Only network equipment provided by Kistamässan is permitted to use. Own wireless routers and networks as well as other transmitting radio equipment are thus not allowed as these can interfere with Kistamässan’s network.

Kistamässan reserves the right to switch off customer equipment if it in any way interferes with Kistamässan’s network. The Coffin Fair may conduct scans of the network to detect unauthorized equipment. The wired connection is ordered in advance and provides high capacity and reliability. Wireless network supports 802.11b / g / n. Keep in mind that for many simultaneous connections / users, the speed is affected. Address assignment is done via DHCP. If there is a special need for your own wireless network, Kistamässan can customize them according to a separate order in advance. For other special needs, always check with the responsible project manager at Kistamässan. Subway (Akalla – Kungsträdgården)

Get off at Kista station, about 10 min walk to Kistamässan.

Commuter train (Märsta / Upplands Väsby – Södertälje)

Get off at Helenelund station, about 5 min walk to Kistamässan.

SL Local bus (Traffic by lines: 603, 627, 155, 514, 518) Stop: Viderögatan, on Torshamnsgatan

Transfer Taxi (fixed rates) tel: 020-35 00 00

Taxi Stockholm tel: 08-15 00 00 Taxi 020 tel: 020-20 20 20

Taxi Kurir tel: 08-30 00 00

Christina Olsson

Project salesman, Easyfairs

+ 46 (0) 8 506 650 01

Helene Pratt Project Manager, Easyfairs

+46 (0) 8 506 650 26

Anton Eriksson

Project Coordinator, Easyfairs

+46 (0) 8 506 650 41

Directly adjacent to the Kistamässan there are plenty of parking spaces available as well as additional places in the immediate area. You have the opportunity to buy a P-ticket for one or more days at the same time at the slot machines.

More information will come when new dates are set for the fall and SETT2020.

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