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Here you can read more about the marketing alternatives we offer. Prices include production and assembly of materials unless otherwise stated. Do you have your own idea or thought about how your company can be visible at the meeting place? Then don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll help you get started!

Look out for our green leaves – these mark our most environmentally friendly marketing options that do not require the production of physical materials!

Outdoor Marketing Areas

Stickers on Entrance Doors

Entrance doors are a safe place to be seen and one of the first sales stops. Take the opportunity to showcase your company and help visitors find you inside the fair.

Format: 2 revolving doors with 3 panes of glass. 6 stickers 1400 x 300 mm.
Price: 46 200 SEK

Exposure Outside the Main Entrance

Display your product outside the entrance and make a strong first impression. Your imagination is the only limit to how you can be seen here!

Price: Contact the sales manager


Let your brand fly in the wind on flagpoles outside the building’s main entrance.

Quantity: 7 pieces
Price: Contact the sales manager

Marketing Areas Inside the Entrance

Screens in the Entrance - The Wall

The sign consists of 16 series-connected 55-inch screens with full HD. Here you can show your message to all visitors of the venue with images or movies under 20 seconds per minute.

Format: mp4 (no sound), 1920 x 1080 pixels.
Price: SEK 15 000

Messages in the Entrance Hall

Now you have the opportunity to communicate your company’s message on a billboard right by the escalator up from the entrance. This is an exclusive marketing opportunity and all visitors to Sett will pass this location.

Format: Kapa sign 3 x 2.5 m
Price: SEK 15 000

Exclusive Vepa Above the Cash Registers

This is one of the first things visitors see when they enter Kistamässan. Let visitors know what your company does and where on the floor they can find you.

Format: Single-sided print 6.0 x 0.7 m
Price: SEK 11 400 (production will be added)

Exclusive Advertising on Stairs

Exclusive and clear exposure of your message on the stairs to/from the exhibition hall, where thousands of people pass.

Staircase to the exhibition hall, format: Width 249 cm, height stair front 16 cm, number of steps: 15

Staircase towards the hotel, format: Width 256 cm, height of stair front 16 cm, number of steps: 15

1 staircase total price incl. production: 13 760 SEK
2 stairs total price incl. production: 26 520 SEK

Exposure on Wall in Entrance Hall

Communicate your company’s message on a sign in the entrance hall. This is an exclusive marketing opportunity and all visitors will pass by this location.

Format: 2 x 1.2 m.
Price: 7000 kr

Sticker on the Entrance Floor

Display your company/product on the floor with a sticker in the entrance hall.

Format: 1 x 2 m
Price: 9 610 kr

Screens on Poles in front of Ticket Counters

Information screens above each ticket counter.

Format: 920 x 1080 pixels
Price: SEK 10 000

Rollups at Ticket Counters

Grab the attention of visitors right at the entrance by displaying your company on rollups by the ticket counters.

Price: SEK 10 000

Marketing Areas in the Upper Entrance Hall

Own All Visibility in Wardrobes, 2 Pieces

Be the hero of the day and offer visitors a free wardrobe in your name. Dress the cloakroom staff in profiled clothing and also take the opportunity to give a good first impression of your company. You also have access to the surface wardrobes where your company can be made visible on a 6 x 2.5 m poster on one wall and a projection on the other wall.

Price: 45,000 SEK (production will be added). Contact the sales manager for a more tailored approach.

Digital Screens Above the Hall Entrances

Be top of mind by having your brand scrolling on digital screens throughout the exhibition days.

Format: 6 twin screens above hallways and wardrobes. JPG, 1920 x 1080 pixels.
Price: 10 000 SEK

Advertising on Stairs and Floors, E-plan

Make your brand visible on the stairs to E-plan, the way to and from our conference rooms downstairs.

Price: 8000 SEK

Marketing Space at WC, upper level

WC signs

Give visitors something to read while they wait in the WC queue. Each men’s and women’s WC has a total of 50 advertising spaces for A3 posters with any message/advertising.

Format: A3
Total price incl. production: 12 200 SEK

Sticker on Mirror

Take a seat at the mirrors and let visitors check out your brand while checking out themselves.

Maximum format dimensions:
Large mirror in women’s toilet: 775 x 74 cm
Small mirror in women’s toilet: 225 x 74 cm
Large mirror in men’s toilet: 530 x 74 cm
Small mirror in men’s toilet: 259 x 74 cm
Total price including production: 16 040 SEK

Sticker on the glass wall at the entrance to the women's and men's WC.

Exclusive company exposure on the glass wall of e.g. company logo/product launch.

Format: max 1130 x 1750 mm
Price: 18 520 SEK

Marketing Areas in the Exhibition Hall

Exposure on Floor Sign

Display your company in the exhibition aisles. The message is displayed on a laminated floor sign.

Format: 2 x 1 m
Price: 7 610 kr

Vepa in the Exhibition hall

Print the desired message on a banner that hangs directly to the right inside the left hallway entrance – hard to miss!

Format: Single-sided print approx. 7 x 3 m
Price: Contact the sales manager

Bioreclamation film

The bio-promotion rolls on all day between lectures. A majority of the visitors come to the fair for the lectures – company exposure is a given here.

Format: Max 20 sec, mp4 format 1920×1080 pixels. Film with sound is possible
Price: 15 000 SEK

Other Marketing Areas


Invite visitors to mingle in your company after day two of the fair. Make the most of the time and continue the evening with creative activities!

Price: Contact the sales manager

Conference Room

Rent one of our conference rooms and gather your team, management team or department. Here you can brainstorm, team-build, have coffee, socialize, invite customers and much more!

Price: Contact the sales manager

Speaker Time

There is an exhibitor stage in the exhibition hall. Here, you as an exhibitor, have the opportunity to book a session where you can present your news, customer cases or services to the audience.

Price: From 13 000 SEK

Coffee in the bistro

Why not impress morning-weary visitors and offer them coffee when they arrive at the fair?

Price: Contact the sales manager

Charging Station

Customize a charging station with your logo/message.

Price: Contact the sales manage

Brunch n' Break

Offer visitors breakfast, coffee or lunch in the name of your company.

Price: Contact the sales manager

Contact the sales manager for reservations and questions

Do you have your own ideas on how you want to be seen during Sett? Contact us and we will be happy to discuss your thoughts and ideas!

Christina Olsson, christina.olsson@easyfairs.com, 08 506 650 01

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