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Unified threat management for schools, colleges and MATs
Smoothwall Firewall features anti-malware protection, HTTPS inspection, anonymous proxy detection & blocking, and intrusion detection & prevention, to provide you with a complete all-in-one protection package.

Next Generation Firewall
Perimeter firewall and internal segmentation firewall to protect your network against all web and non-web borne threats.

Layer 7 Application Control
Identify and stop applications that you don’t want on your network and prioritise those that you do.

Intrusion Detection and Prevention
Monitor, report on and react to any malicious attacks on your system.

Bandwidth Management
Limit bandwidth use by content type, user, time and location, and web proxy cache.

Supports both Site-to-Site (IPsec) VPNs and Remote Users (SSL and L2TP).

Link and Load Balancing
Support for multiple WAN connections.

Directory Server Integration
Microsoft Active Directory, Open Directory, eDirectory and more.

Gateway Anti-Malware
Check signatures of malicious content at the gateway and protect against known and zero day threats.

Source Natting
Ensure traffic going out over multiple IPs is correctly routed.

Combines with Smoothwall Filter – the fully content-aware web filter in education.

Choice of deployment
You can choose which Filter deployment method works for you.


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