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Smoothwall Cloud Filter

Smoothwall Cloud Filter means that you do not need to have a web filter in your server room, the content filter is now instead on the client machine via an extension or an installation.

Smoothwall Cloud Filter has the same features as Smoothwall Filter, except Proxy and antimalware.

Smoothwall Cloud Filter (Cloud Filter) works today with Chromebooks, PC, Ipad and MAC.

You do not need a local Smoothwall (or in the cloud) but many choose this because you need a local firewall for BYOD.

Smoothwall Cloud Filter works even if your Smoothwall installation is offline and even if the cloud service at Smoothwall is offline.

Only a Google Account or a Microsoft account is required to authenticate users. Support is available for both Microsoft AD and Microsoft Azure AD.

There is very little traffic between the client and possibly. Smoothwall local installation, so it also works to have Smoothwall installed in networks with less bandwidth.

Reports and settings can also be managed via a Smoothwall which is either located as a cloud service or you use your existing Smoothwall.

Smoothwall also has Smoothwall Cloud reporting where the reports are in the cloud


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