Gives students a channel to speak out and schools a way to spot students in need.
– In just about 60 seconds a week

Identify and support students who need help:
Fun and easy 60-second check-ins encourage students to reflect on their mental, social and physical well-being by answering evidence-based questions.

Reach vulnerable students who do not speak up:
Gives students a safe and accessible way to reach out for help, starting with a simple question: “How are you today?”

Help from a trusted adult:
When a student flags that they need help, Smoothwall Pulse will connect them with a trusted teacher, school leader or administrator of their choosing.

Smoothwall Pulse
Is in English and intended primarily for junior high school and high school
Smoothwall Pulse takes data on your classes and your teachers/staff from different school systems, so that you don’t have to enter them manually.

Logging into Smoothwall Pulse takes place as usual via Google or Azure based on which systems you use today.

Smoothwall Pulse is also available for your staff, so HR can see how the staff are doing.


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