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Smoothwall Cloud Reporting means that you do not need to have your reports in your server room.
Fast reporting from your Cloud filter and on the Smoothwall site.
Smoothwall Cloud Reporting is a reporting function easily accessible from your cloud portal.

Reports can be accessed from anywhere, anytime, on any device – faster access to critical behavioral insights at the point of need.

All reports and graphs can be exported from the system for easy sharing and/or inclusion in larger reports.

Robust user authentication
You use your Google or Microsoft account to log in to the cloud portal.

Faster installation and reports
Take advantage of faster and easier installation and quick access to reports. Good graphical overview.

Full reporting of events
Reports all data and thus creates a picture around various possible events.

90 day storage
Stores your filter data securely in the cloud for 90 days. There are also longer storage packages available if needed.

Export data
Data and graphs can be exported for use in various reports or presentations.

Show latest data
Synchronizes and collects data from on-premises Smoothwall every 15 minutes from the Cloud Filter every 5 minutes.

User report
Use this report when you want to know more about a specific user. See their most visited domains, all searches they have made within the specified time period and possibly Safeguardian problems found in the data.

Unit report
Use this report when you know the IP address of a device on which an incident has occurred.
Insightful data about the users who have access to that device.

Domain report
Use this report to find out who visited a specific domain during a given time period and which safeguard alarms were triggered.

Category report
Use this report to search for user activity within a specified category.
Categories may include self-harm, suicide, drugs, addiction, and other.


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