Smoothwall Monitor
Mainly for boarding schools and larger organizations
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Smoothwall Monitor – Monitoring also offline
If you need the ability to monitor everything that happens on your devices, Smoothwall Monitor is the right product, as it monitors even without the Internet and all apps.

Smoothwall Monitor does not stop anything, but you get an alarm as soon as the device has Internet. Good for e.g. Boarding school.

Not available in Swedish today, however you can enter your own words in Swedish as well.
Get in touch if you need Smoothwall Monitor in Swedish as well.

In a world where digital learning is rapidly becoming more common in education, it is important that protection and online safety for children also develop rapidly.

Smoothwall Monitor is a text analysis service that is installed directly on the devices. (Does not need Smoothwall Firewall or Smoothwall Filter)

Smoothwall Monitor builds a profile of the user and warns you when their risk profile becomes critical.

Smoothwall Monitor provides advanced monitoring managed by AI technology.

Which means that you can concentrate on providing support and education to the children in your care, with peace of mind that you will be warned by the system if an incident occurs.


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