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Smoothwall Classwize – Classroom Manager
Keep your students engaged and your lessons on track with the most agile, 100% teacher-centric, cloud solution.

The classroom assistant designed by teachers, for teachers.

The Classwize difference
Classwize is designed by teachers for teachers. It contains
everything a teacher needs and nothing you don’t. It’s all
about you. We have removed excessive features in
favour of those our teachers tell us they value the most.
That makes for a light and agile solution that is easy
to use and harmonises seamlessly with your
modern digital classroom.
We know that what we leave out is just as important as
what we put in. Our features are organised around your
three most important classroom goals:
Communicate with students
Minimise distractions
Deliver an ef cient and engaged learning experience
When these goals are met, communication improves,
engagement increases and learning transforms.
Communicate with students
Our live chat feature enables teachers to discretely
message individual students to direct them back on task,
check if they’re okay or give instant feedback. It also allows
you to message the whole class all at once.


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