A Nordic Perspective and EU Strategies for Enhancing Competitiveness

Georgi Dimitrov, head of the “Digital Education” unit at the Directorate-General for Education of the European Commission, will outline the European Commission’s efforts and objectives in the field and provide insights into how the Nordic countries compare. The Nordics have always been well-positioned, but the question remains: do they still hold their ground?

During his presentation, Dimitrov will focus on three key areas:

  1. Digital Competence: How do the Nordics compare to other countries? An analysis of where the Nordic countries stand today regarding digital competence compared to other nations will be presented, along with some potential pathways forward to further strengthen the region’s position on the global stage.
  2. The EU’s Digital Education Action Plan: What are its goals and what do they mean for competitiveness? Dimitrov will delve into the objectives of the digital action plan in terms of digitization and its significance for enhancing competitiveness within the EU. The action plan is a pivotal part of the EU’s strategy to promote digital development and innovation.
  3. Overview of Member States’ Initiatives: Finally, an overview will be provided on how well the member states have developed initiatives to achieve the set goals, offering a clear picture of progress and the challenges that remain.
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