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Student Health Online

Allbry caters to primary, secondary, and adult education.

With Allbry, the school acquires a comprehensive digital platform for all student health functions – promoting preventive, psychosocially accessible, and health-promoting student well-being.

The platform provides communication features such as chat and video calls, appointment booking, reporting, mapping, statistics, as well as surveys and check-ins. The purpose of the service is to facilitate the work of student health services and make interventions more accessible.

With a simple click in Allbry, students can schedule appointments with the school counselor, career counselor, or other student health personnel. Students can choose between chat, video calls, or physical meetings, based on when and where it suits them.

At the same time, the platform enables the school to work effectively in systematic quality improvement through insightful statistics on conversations, concerns, and well-being of students, classes, and the school.

Allbry also offers digital, physical, and hybrid resource allocation for student health personnel. With Allbry, the school can strengthen or complement its student health team when and where needed, whether on a full-time, part-time, or temporary basis. Allbry has the collective expertise regardless of the need for a counselor, career counselor, or special education teacher.

With Allbry, the student is at the center, providing staff and school administrators with visual insights for timely and appropriate interventions.





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