Navigating the Digital Backlash in the Nordics in the aftermath of PISA 2022- an edtech perspective

In Sweden , a pioneer in digitalized education systems worldwide, the aftermath of the pandemic has sparked a contentious debate getting international headlines. Three years later, the nation’s education sector is witnessing a dramatic shift, with policymakers reconsidering their national strategy for digitalization in schools. The debate is intense, featuring calls to limit screen time and return to a “back to basics” approach, often citing Asian schools as an example. Social media platforms like TikTok and digital learning resources are mixed up in the debate, raising evident risks.

This heated discourse has been ongoing across the Nordic countries, prompting concerns and discussions about the future of education. The Nordics are more similar than different and two countries stand out, Iceland and Sweden, keeping the schools open during the pandemic. How has this played out in the aftermath of the PISA-discussion? A panel of representatives from the Nordic Edtech communities will provide insights into the nature of this Nordic debate, highlighting both the risks and opportunities associated with recent developments.

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