Jaakko Salo


Jaakko Salo works as the manager for education policy for the Trade Union for Education in Finland, OAJ. Jaakko’s main task is to work as an influencer in the field of education policy. This work contains interaction with politicians, education administration, researchers and other stakeholders. Jaakko is very often also seen in the Finnish media, giving OAJ’s comments on current education issues

Jaakko’s task at OAJ is to analyze the influence of digitalisation in education. He also works as a manager for the team of advisors for education policy in general education (primary education and general upper secondary school).

Jaakko is very interested in the development of education and has worked as OAJ’s representative in national working groups for national core curriculum, and for the future of primary education in Finland. Jaakko is also OAJ’s specialist for PISA-assessment.

Jaakko has worked fulltime for OAJ for ten years now. Before this, Jaakko worked as a classteacher in primary education in Helsinki for 12 years.

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