Åsa Fahlén


Åsa Fahlén is the Chair of Swedish Teachers’ Union. Åsa Fahlén is a licensed upper secondary school teacher in social sciences and history. She has worked as a teacher for 19 years and became a local representative in 2002, almost immediately after she received her teaching position.

Alongside her teaching job, Åsa Fahlén served on the National Union of Teachers’ board and was the vice chairperson of the National Union of Teachers in Gothenburg. It was primarily the motivation to stand up for teachers’ rights that led Åsa to become involved in union activities.

Åsa Fahlén has been a member of the Saco board since 2017 and a board member of OFR, Folksam Sak, Lärarförsäkringar AB, Luna AB, and Skoltema AB. She is also on the board of the Nordic Teachers’ Organization (NLS).

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