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Learnlab consists of a unique collection of learning tools in one ecosystem. We have five different digital learning tools. You can create mindmaps, multimedia books, videoes, podcasts, interactive group sessions, assignments and assessments, all in one platform with one login. Participants visualize, cooperate, communicate, go deeper, and explore themes and concepts engagingly during every session. 

Learnlab is GDPR compliant, as well as up to date on the latest WCAG standards. Our ecosystem is browser-based and can be used with all devices. 

A part of the long-term vision for the company is to create a good alternative for assessment in education. We believe this is possible by collecting data from the knowledge created by pupils along the way, instead of a standardized test or exam at the end of the term. During 2023 we will release groundbreaking tools for assessment using AI technology.




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