Trevor Dolan was a school researcher with an interdisciplinary view of learning and school development. He questioned the views and emphasized the importance of always having scientific evidence for claims about phenomena in the school world. Trevor Dolan had a deep respect for teachers’ professionalism and possible positive impact on the student’s entire life. Who contributes to this now when Trevor Dolan is no longer there? Our friend and colleague in the teaching service of Trevor Dolan, passed away in February 2013. To honor his memory and make sure that his strong voice in the educational world should not be silent, we want to pay attention to the people who act in his spirit, challenge inveterate notions and stand up for each individual student’s right to learning.

Congratulations Ida Lenneman!

"The guiding star of fashion, with an unwavering faith in their students."

Årets punkare i skolvärlden!

A scholarship of SEK 10,000 is awarded to a teacher, preschool teacher, educator, leisure teacher or school leader who is characterized by the following:

Civilian courage and courage to take a stand for each individual child / student every day, despite the ambitions and pressures of the surroundings.

An unwavering conviction of each student’s ability to learn and the school’s decisive impact on a student’s present and future.

A passionate and dedicated leadership with an unmistakable educational marker aimed at teaching and learning.

A leadership where didactic learning is on a multidisciplinary basis.

Humor, warmth and love for their mission, their employees and students.

The courage to debate.

The board (Jury)

The winner is nominated by “The Board” for the Trevor Dolan Foundation which consists of:

– Lisa Heino, chair of The Trevor Dolan Foundation and Educational Policy Investigator at the Teachers’ Union.

– Fredrik Svensson, CEO Meet In Grid

– Mattias Odhner Larsson, Rector of Media Gymnasium Nacka Strand

– Peter Habbe, AIC teacher

– Anne-Marie Körling, teacher and author

– Maria Wiman, teacher Östra elementary school Skogås

Nominated 2019:

• Veronica Lundin Sköldqvist, Teacher, Östersund

• Ninnie Närhi, Teacher, Malmö

• Tobias Edvardsson, Music teacher, Western Gothenburg

• Jessica Kälvehed, Special Teacher, Norrköping

• Ida Lenneman, Development teacher, Linköping

• Ulrika Enmark, Rector, Skellefteå

• Magnus Nyberg Blixt, Bitr. Principal, Huddinge

• Susanne Frostenäs, Rector, Borås

• Dan Carlsson, IT educator, Umeå

• Inga-Lill Westling, Student & staff coach, Hofors

• Jeanette Lindberg, Teacher, Eskilstuna

• Karin Aaseby, Teacher, Värmdö

• Maria Glawe, Teacher & Special Teacher, Trelleborg

• Eva Maria Widlund, Student assistant & social educator, Stockholm / Farsta

Former award winners:

Göran Törnqvist, Rector of Ludvika Municipality

“I would like to express a huge thank you for the award. I feel very honored and proud. The prize strengthens me in my / our work on the democratic values. Together we are strongest. ”

Maria Wiman, Teacher in SV / SO for year 7 and first teacher in reading development, at Östra elementary school in Huddinge

Janna Schéele, Development Manager, Östersund’s Child and Education Administration

Michael Andersson, Music teacher / ADE at Falkbergsskolan in Botkyrka

Johan Eriksson, Head teacher at Runbacka schools / runan in Sollentuna

Jacob Möllstam

Jacob Möllstam

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