About Nordic Track

In the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, we saw a fluctuation in PISA results. This gave us a profound reason to come together and deliberate on a crucial issue: How does the external world impact our education systems and how do we provide quality education for all?

Moreover, as we look toward the future, we contemplate on how we can collectively improve. While our school systems might differ in structure, pedagogy, and resources, the underpinning feeling remains increasingly evident that in many ways, we are more similar than we are different.

Therefore, as we move forward, let’s harness this similarity, learn from each other’s experiences, and strive to make way of a Nordic education ecosystem that’s not only resilient but also inclusive and forward-thinking.

To contribute to a sustainable future, we encourage those travelling from any of our Nordic neighbours to choose a sustainable mode of transport such as train or boat when visiting us.

Neil Selwyn Headlines Nordic Track​

Neil Selwyn was one of the keynote speakers at this year’s event and participated in the Nordic Track on April 16th. Selwyn is not only a prominent figure in educational technology but also a leading international researcher in digital education.

Nordic Track April 16th

Nordic Track was the conference where colleagues from across the Nordic region gathered to network, share experiences, and gain a Nordic perspective on the most current educational issues.

In a time when technology is influencing the way we educate ourselves, it becomes important to focus on the shared values, challenges, and potentials that the Nordic countries possess. This full-day event in English provides you with a Nordic perspective on the most current educational issues.

At Nordic Track

Collaborative Learning: Facilitate a mutual learning space where educators, leaders and stakeholders from across the Nordic region can exchange best practices, innovative methodologies, and address common challenges.

Tech Integration: Highlight and discuss the latest educational technologies that can be integrated into the Nordic educational frameworks, keeping the region at the forefront of edtech advancements.

Discussions: Create a forum for discussions on challenges, and opportunities in the education and edtech sector across the Nordic countries.

Emanuel Karlsten as Moderator

Nordic Track was honored to introduce Emanuel Karlsten as its moderator. Karlsten, a journalist with extensive insight into how digitalization affects society and democracy, is a reliable guide for a day devoted to Nordic collaboration on the future of education.

As a columnist for Göteborgs-Posten and a recurring expert on internet trends on TV4’s “Nyhetsmorgon”, Karlsten has established himself as a credible voice in Sweden’s media landscape.

His podcast, “Mediepodden”, is the largest in Sweden concerning media, and his reader-funded journalism has been rewarded with the prestigious Stora Journalistpriset. Karlsten has not only been recognized as a distinguished communicator but also as one of Sweden’s most influential future power holders, making his insights particularly exciting and hopefully rewarding for the participants at Nordic Track during the SETT days.

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