This year's theme - A sustainable future

A sustainable future

“Educational development with children and students in focus. It has been the starting point for this year's theme "

This year we will explore sustainability based on various aspects such as the social, economic and ecological. How do we create a sustainable workplace and a sustainable education that is in line with the development of society? This and much more at SETT 2020.

Environment at Kistamässan

Kistamässan has made a number of environmental improvements over the years, mainly in the areas below. Together with the Miljöstegen in Stockholm, we have concluded that it is in these areas that we have the greatest environmental impact:


Strive to make use of environmentally friendly choices and to minimize consumption for the least possible environmental impact.


Increase the proportion of sorted waste and reduce the total amount of waste and manage hazardous waste to minimize the environmental impact.


First and foremost, we select goods, products and services from companies with active environmental work as well as control the eco-labeling of products and take into account and award local production.


Choosing environmentally sound suppliers in the field of passenger, courier and freight transport, and actively influencing visitors to Kistamässan to choose, as far as possible, public transport to prevent and minimize our direct and indirect environmental impact.

Information / Education

Increase our awareness and knowledge in the environmental field and implement these knowledge as far as possible with staff, suppliers, customers and visitors.

Environmental policy

Kistamässan is the accessible and innovative meeting place for personal meetings, experiences and exchange of knowledge, idea and experience with focus on business. Our goal is to create a meeting place of the future that makes reality a vision and an idea – regardless of mission. Our ambition is to be the country’s leading meeting arena under the slogan – Sweden’s most central meeting facility. Kistamässan works actively to reduce the impact on the environment and prevent pollution, we also follow an environmental management system that includes set goals and action plans. We have been a diplomat since 2008 and intend to work to renew it annually. Kistamässan’s environmental impact is mainly in the areas of energy, transport and waste. We therefore want to try to reduce our impact in these areas in particular, but also in other areas, as far as technically possible and economically reasonable. To follow and exceed current environmental legislation is a matter of course for us. Our environmental vision is to become the greenest plant of its kind in Sweden, through our own work in parallel with the influence of both suppliers and customers as well as visitors. Kistamässan’s internal environmental work is continuously evaluated and revised. Compliance with applicable legislation and regulatory requirements is a matter of course.

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